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【Made in Japan、ESweet Mommy Paraben Free Lavender-scented Stretch Marks Defense Cream


This cream was formulated in collaboration with Postpartum Care Center for Moms - Mammy Camp TOKYO BAY to prevent the appearance of stretch marks by firming and moisturizing your skin.

Point 1. Intense hydration. Cream works by moisturizing your skin with an over 90% of plant-derived ingredients. And there'll be no sticky finish.

Point 2. Deep penetration. Argan Oil helps to penetrate cream more deeply into the skin cells.

Point 3. Relaxing Effect. Lavender contains oil that has sedating and relaxing effect.

Main ingredients: Argan oil, Pueraria Mirifica root, Rosa Canina extract, Pomegranate extract, Lima bean extract, Roman Chamomile oil and etc.

Product Details:

  • Cream is recommended to use from 16th week of pregnancy to postpartum period.
  • Massage it onto potential problem areas like your belly, thighs and breast.
  • 150 ml. It takes about 1.5 months to finish a bottle.

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