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Sweet Mommy is family owned company based in Japan and Italy

Our company started around 15 years ago when our Creative Director Mrs. Rei Uzawa had her first child. She met with the obstacles every mother met back then. There were no decent maternity clothes 15 years ago in Japan…or anywhere else.
Nothing but baggy looking tees and ugly fitted jeans.
She decided to seize the opportunity and create Maternity and Nursing clothes that women all over the world would be proud to wear. The most comfortable, elegant, beautiful clothes.
She started from basics – UNDERWEAR. During pregnancy breast are growing with rapid speed. Not just in the matter of sizing, but in sensibility as well. So she worked very hard for a very long time to create the best maternity and nursing Bra.
Bra that will feel like second skin. Using only best quality organic materials.
That is how Sweet Mommy Company has started. With strong woman desire not just feel comfortable, but help women all over the world feel their best during that special time of their lives.
Now Sweet Mommy is number one Maternity and Nursing Wear in Japan. We have the broadest specter of best quality dresses, blouses, tops, tunics, pants, jeans for any occasions. We have branch office in Milan and market places on Amazon US, Canada, UK, France and Italy.
We want to keep our company as Boutique Style one. We don’t create 1000 of each dress and top. We want you to feel unique wearing our clothes and not worry to run into someone wearing the same. We welcome you on our website and wish you the most pleasant time here.
We just staring this website, so we apologize in advance if you encounter any technical difficulties. Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or customer service email:
From Tokyo with Love!    



  • Theresa : March 05, 2018

    What is your return policy?

  • KO: January 22, 2018

    Do you guys ship products to Hong Kong?

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